October 30, 2018

Summit Resolutions


  1. KRA to enter into structured collaboration frameworks with the industry representative bodies to facilitate sharing of market intelligence.
  2. KRA to collaborate with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to facilitate taxation of digital transactions. CBK to recognize utilization of emerging technologies such as crypto currencies, in financial transactions to enable their taxation.
  3. KRA to forge strategic partnership with the National Steering Committee on e-Commerce and national addressing system to facilitate traceability of transactions.
  4.  KRA to create strategic partnership with structured ICT sector players such as the ICT Committee of KEPSA to take advantage of the young innovators in developing innovative solutions for tax base expansion.
  5. KRA to establish and expand tax kiosks to bring service closer to the taxpayers.
  6. KRA to implement a Geo-spatial revenue collection system to boost revenue from Monthly Rental Income.
  7.  KRA to open an Application Programming Interface (API) for collecting tax – to interface and integrate with other third party systems.
  8. KRA should adopt block chain technology and strong data analytics capabilities to enhance tax administration.
  9. KRA to institutionalize engagements with the informal sector.
  10. KRA to scale up partnership with County governments to support implementation of presumptive tax

Next Steps

  1. Development of a scorecard to monitor implementation of the Summit recommendations.
  2. Regular update to stakeholders on the status of implementation of the recommended actions.
  3. 5th Annual Tax Summit scheduled for 16th to 18th October 2019.